Music and Inspiration

music-girlWe often hear about artists needing inspiration in order to write music, that in order to make something good it needs to have a reason, a source of inspiration. That of course is true, we often feel the sadness, happiness, or basically any emotion put into the song, experiences and people the artist had and lost, things that made them feel. It is clear that the song or piece was made for the purpose of expressing their feelings. The opposite is true as well, music inspires us to do things, depending on what the music is about, and how connected we are with the music. And this time, sciences proves it!

We have read the application of music with its association of healing, that it can help stimulate physical/biological functions. But now let us talk about the mental and emotional effects of music, it has long been since rumored that corporations and such have used media, such and movies and music, to influence us to buy or do something. It might sound like something a guy wearing a tinfoil hat would say, but unfortunately it’s true, and apparently it works… one way or another.

In movies, specifically horror movies, even though you are not the type to get scared over things, you can’t help but feel a raise in your heartbeat and changes in your breathing. No need to deny it, because everyone actually experience it because of infrasound, sounds that is designed to cause physical and mental effects to induce fear. Now we are getting a bit off topic when it comes to inspiration so let’s get back on track.

better days bail bondsWe have pretty much made it clear that music does have a profound effect on humans both physically and mentally, if you were to use this to allow people to feel inspiration rather than fear, there is a lot of good that you could do. But even without this, our personal association and understanding of the song and its message can pretty much give inspiration to people.

If you had a bad day, though it is incredibly tempting to play something sad to match with the mood and make a really good background music to the situation, I highly recommend to listen to something that would make you a bit happier. Happy songs in general could help, but a more effective option are music associated to a very good memory, this will allow you to lift your spirit a little bit and get through things quicker.

If you feel like you hit a wall in your project or task, and feel like there seems to be a lack of inspiration or creativity, listen to something you listened to at a time when you last felt very creative, or something that you think helps you form ideas, something exciting and freash.

The bottom line of this is, in order to inspire someone with music, a general choice of a genre might help, but placing something that means something to someone will help even better in inspiring a person.