Music in Nature and Human Nature

Music connects us all, even before the conception of civilization music, in one form or another, existed. There are some ancient mammoth bones, dating back to 40,000 years ago, that somewhat resembles a primitive musical instrument. All cultures have their own style of music, many have instruments indigenous to them. Music and our appreciation to it, is a thing that all human beings share. But it seems that it is not only humans that show appreciation for music, it has long been observed that many animals have a similar appreciation for music, so is it might truly be the one thing that connects everything and everyone.

It believed that a common ancient ancestor that connects us all first created a primitive form of music which evolved and branched out as different races began to form civilizations away from the point of everyone’s origin, Africa. This theory is supported due to the fact that even isolated tribes, tribes that has little to no contact with outsiders, has their own form of music. But it can be argued that this is merely humanity’s imitation of nature, as we hear the beautiful chirps of the birds and rhythm of the noises made by the natural environment. That each civilization found music one way or another, but then again, the beauty of finding the same thing, though separated by great distances, is quite astonishing as well.


Ancient animal bones show that primitive humans that predates known civilizations, supports the earlier theory that a common ancestor created music and merely influenced generations that spread across the globe. But if civilization was not the reason music was developed and nurtured. Then it can be argued that all humans have the natural urge to create and search for music.

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Animals show us that music, in one form or another, is necessary in the animal kingdom. It may be a mating call, or it can be a way to communicate from vast distances by relaying a message that is quite melodically to our ears, but a terrifying message of danger to theirs. We can only speculate what it is they are trying to tell each other, or even if it is truly a way of communication to them. But one thing is certain because of this observation, music does not only connect us humans to each other, but to the world around us.

Even the stars sings their own song, forever singing a lonely melody that echoes throughout the universe, only to be heard by humans trillions of trillions of  miles away millions of years after the song was sung. Much like the carbons that were formed in those ancient stars, their song remains in us, maybe it is the memory of the stars which the elements of life originated from, maybe it is the faint whisper of a lonely star singing right now, whatever it maybe it urges all living things to sing. Some humans even become a star to their follow humans, no longer lonely, no longer singing to the vastness of space.