Musical Instrument Storage in Tampa Has Eco-Friendly Pest Control

While I am not a master musician, I still do love travel around the country and observing different music schools and organizations. Admiring their music and their practices, observing how each are different from each other. Sometimes it is the way they practice, sometimes it is the way they interact with each other, and in rare occasions it is the way the musical groups interact with the environment.

We all know how important it is to keep your musical instrument at the best condition it can be, and that you must always be sure to maintain it. Some instruments, especially wooden ones, are very sensitive to the environment. If an instrument such as these were to experience extreme changes like humidity and temperature, it could reduce the quality of the sound it produce or even destroy the instrument. But at what lengths would you take to make sure the environments where you store your instruments are optimal, would it be to the point of harming the environment? One group does not think so.

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Destroyed By Termite

One thing I learned from storing my old guitar at my parents’ house’s attic was that termites destroy your beloved wooden instrument. And while there are precautions to make sure that you can avoid and drive away pests like these, a group in Tampa, Florida has found that most of these actually harm the environment. The chemicals are often injected to the ground and aerosol sprayed throughout that surroundings, though there are government regulations on these chemicals, rather than to deter environmental damage, they are placed to give a level of tolerance to it.


eco-friendlyFortunately for them several environment friendly pest management companies are based in Florida, maybe because the state is subtropical and have a more delicate ecosystem they there was an initiative to grow these. I found this to be impressive, as most people just wants the job done without a care for what the effects it may cause to the environment and others.

I believe that in order to truly create wonderful music, you must respect where the music comes from, the origin of music is nature. I know that it might sound a bit hippy, but I truly believe this, as we are drawn to music and recognize the beauty of the sound the orchestra of nature produces. Not to mention those chemicals might also affect the players of the instrument.

I believe that this practice must be done throughout the country, and not just in pest control. We need to do our work and share our talent in a way that does not harm nature but work with it. We are not an industry that destroy, we are one that creates, one the shares emotions and hope through the beautiful thing we call music.

In getting home I will suggest such a thing to our musical department, I recall that we do not really do much to protect our environment when it came to the use of chemicals for storage and maintenance of our instruments.  I suggest that all the readers of this post do the same.