The Different Powers of Music

It is clear enough that we humans have a natural need for music, that it has an effect on us that goes beyond liking it because of our preference. There are several studies that show that the power and influence music has over us is more than just some slogan or some sort of mumbo jumbo. From changing our moods to helping us heal, here are a few interesting facts about music that shows the awesome power of music and how it can be used.



moodSo we all know, or at least most of us know that music really does affect the mood of its listeners, but it is not as simple as choosing a genre that causes specific moods, like say grunge and rock and roll music causes people to be more aggressive or something similar like that. No, in fact it really does depend on the preference of the person, as well as their familiarity of the song and whatever memory is connected to that song. But even with that it shows that given enough research about someone, you can manipulate their mood by playing music familiar to them in whatever way you would like to steer his or her emotions to. Though, we have not fully understood everything about music regarding this though and there is much to learn about this.




If you have a friend or relative that believes in the healing power of music, that he or she would put on some weird new age music to help your sickness or wound heal faster, you will be familiar with the theory. Surprisingly enough though, they are actually on to something, new research shows that music does help the healing, stimulating your immune system amongst other things.  But like the research with mood, it is not some special music that causes the healing, it is the preference of the person, if they like the music they are able to resonate to the music and helps healing.

Another interesting thing popular theory regarding healing, or in this case development, is with babies in the womb. No, Mozart does not make babies smarter, though if you do play it to them they would grow a liking to it, the same as any other music. What music does is allow the development of babies in the womb to develop better and possibly even faster. Same as the healing function of music, it is because of the neurons resonating with the music and stimulating the functions of the body.



Music plays a huge part in everyone’s lives to a personal level, as well as to a biological level. It’s ability to promote healing, and influence mood, as well as our mental state (more on that on a later article) is quite astonishing, studies have proven most of these claims, though not exactly the way it was proposed, such as genre determining specific effects, the fact still remains that music is not merely something that we enjoy for personal pleasure but also for mental and physical development.