Using The Power Of Music To Empower The World

Music is scientifically proven to transform lives but did you know that a musical instrument has already been developed to create electricity? Yes, it is true. Let me tell you how I found out about it.

I was at home doing some spring cleaning when I noticed pest infestation in my attic. I was distraught because it is where I keep my old musical instruments. I intended to donate those instruments along with other useful things that I seldom use.

I immediately looked at the website of the pest control company closest to my home in San Jose to address the pest problem. They pest control guys arrived shortly and inspected my place. Good thing, it wasn’t a massive infestation. They were able to clear the pests from my attic in no time. Utah’s carpet cleaning services are recommended if you need to get your carpets cleaned.

Unfortunately, some of the instruments I’ve kept were damaged by the pests. It was unfortunate because I was planning to donate it to a cause-oriented group who support kids by providing them with instruments that they can use.

I searched on the internet to look for any fix until I stumbled on this article about a musical instrument that can generate energy to light a little lampshade or charge a phone. I got so curious about it and read more.

The musical instrument I am talking about is called “Spark.” It works like a maraca, but it is packed with a battery that collects the energy from the movement of the instrument. Cool, right? Imagine generating energy every time you have a music session with your friends. Or singing through a power outage to keep the Spark playing to light up the room.

Its application is very useful in places without electricity. It is hard to believe that in some parts of the world, power is non-existent. People are still surviving in the darkness using only oil lamps and candles. This invention by musician Sudha Kheterpal, product designer and Royal College of Arts graduate Diana Simpson Hernandez has indeed changed the game in music.

The music device works using the principle of kinetic energy. The magnet inside the instrument moves back and forth through the center of a copper wire coil. The current is induced in the coil every time the magnet moves and efficiently charges a battery. It can generate an hour of energy to light up a small lamp with just 12 minutes of playing the instrument. I do not know any musical instrument that can do this.

The Spark was pilot tested in Kenya and the people who’ve tried it was happy, especially the kids who now have a light source to continue their studies at home. The makers of Spark also came up with a learning kit where the children can learn how to make their Spark instrument.

The product is sold on their website, but you have to note that the Spark is sold in bulk. I sent an inquiry via email to find more information on purchasing and probably donating to provide more device to underprivileged kids.